Now, more than ever, radio and outdoor media are cost efficient and targeted for recruiting the right employees.

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It's a big world with advertising choices everywhere. We provide you with independent research and creative experience to simplify the process and make the path to success clear. We work for you, and your success is our only goal.

One of our areas of expertise is supporting recruitment advertising agencies with media buying and placement. In recruitment advertising, fast turnaround is key, budgets are lean and results are measurable. Our clients call us miracle workers. Truthfully, it's just our experience and hard work, combined with the great relationships we have built up with media and talent for over 20 years, put together to achieve results for you.

Digital Billboards by McPeak Media

Exciting medium for forward-thinking advertisers.

With vibrant colors and crystal-clear images, digital billboards display messages that resemble standard printed billboards. Since multiple advertisers' messages are continually rotating, even high-traffic locations are very affordably priced. Typical new design turnaround time is only 24 hours, and there are no production costs!

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