Rise Above the Noise

Making connections is what creates a marketing message that resonates with your target audience. You know what makes your business great; our job is to communicate that in a way that makes your customers care and your competitors irrelevant. How do we do that? We connect to what your target audience is already thinking and feeling and make your message relevant to them. You're focused on your product; we're focused on connecting it to the lives of your customers.

This approach is carried through from messaging into the development of the media mix. The result is your message rising above the noise and you connecting one on one to new customers.


A splash, a hook, a laugh, a wink—finding the way into the mind is the fun part. Making sure we get our message through—that's the work of creative.

Media Planning

We work with you to determine the media mix and the timing that will be most effective in reaching your target audience.


Mapping out your budget so that you achieve the maximum return on your marketing investment requires the kind of expertise we have built up over the years.


We can design a complete, coordinated marketing program for your business or simply fill in those elements that you find most challenging.

Social Media is the Wave of the Present. Are You on Board?

In this age of rapidly expanding social networking, it is becoming increasingly important to be "out there" with your name. The problem is that many businesses lack both the expertise and the time to do it correctly. We can help your business either slowly wade into the social media waters or jump in with both paddles at the ready.

Advantages to Having Social Media

  • It helps you connect to your clients on a more personal level.
  • You can control what is said about your company.
  • Customers have the ability to help you grow.
  • It's today's "word-of-mouth" advertising.
  • It's everything from local to worldwide advertising. (On Facebook alone, there are over 400 million users.)
  • It targets your demographic precisely and directly.

Advantages to Using McPeak Media

  • We are backed by over 16 years of marketing experience.
  • We have an established online community base to begin your site's growth.
  • We have specialized staff who:
    • Know how to grow fan sites in a positive way.
    • Know how often to post and what to post.
    • Excel at knowing how to grow interest in your company or product.
    • Will allow you to relax and know that your social media sites are being handled professionally.
    • Form positive relationships that help your sites expand.

Go Viral

Creating a web video with a casual, infectious quality can make your customer feel like they want to be a part of your success. We can help you achieve this new, exciting way to communicate with your customers.


Promotions can involve multiple media partners, nonprofits or other businesses, or they may simply be an offer made to stand out with a special angle. We have the experience, creativity and follow through to make your promotion rise above the rest.