Media Buying

Our approach to media buying is simple. We look out for your best interests. Our goal is to save you time while achieving the greatest return on your investment. We like a good value for our dollar, and we look for the same for you. It is our ability to design creative schedules that consistently achieve the desired returns within budget that keeps our clients coming back.

  1. Research

    Sure we look at ratings, reach, frequency and cost per point, but we add two things you don't often see in media buying—common sense and experience. We present clear options and analysis, you make the decisions, and we put them into action.

  2. Negotiate

    You can't negotiate properly without knowing the appropriate values for the marketplace and where and when the deal is good or could be improved. We have learned to gauge markets and use our experience with persistence on your behalf.

  3. Placement

    You approve one contract, and we take it from there. We place the various buys with all the media outlets and provide them with the required traffic instructions. This is just one more way we save you time.

  4. Auditing and Billing

    We audit all media invoices for accuracy prior to billing you. If there is a discrepancy, we negotiate the appropriate adjustments. Our billing is formatted in compliance with your company's standards so that it is easy for your accounting department to do its job.

Recruitment Advertising

Media buying for recruitment advertising has been our specialty for over 20 years. We research and place advertising in markets across the country for our recruitment clients daily, which allows us to keep abreast of trends.

It's easy to track results with recruitment advertising, and this allows us to constantly monitor what brings the desired response and what does not. Whether you're purchasing media for a product, service or recruitment, we put this expertise to work for you.

Digital Billboards

Exciting new medium for forward-thinking advertisers.

With vibrant colors and crystal-clear images, digital billboards display messages that resemble standard printed billboards. Since multiple advertisers' messages are continually rotating, even high-traffic locations are very affordably priced. Typical new design turnaround time is only 24 hours, and there are no production costs!

Contact us today to order yours.